– 5 Decades of Success –

In 1978 Donald O. Thompson, Jr. founded Thompson Construction – a real estate development and investment company in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The Company’s original focus was on single family residential and multifamily development, but in 1980 Thompson was asked to build a retirement community. Over the following years the Company became increasingly involved in seniors housing and with it, so did Thompsons passion and love of helping seniors live a higher quality of life.

In 1989 Thompson founded Maxwell Group, Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina, with the vision to create communities where people live longer, healthier, and happier lives and the mission to be caring professionals dedicated to quality services. Spanning 5 decades, the Company has built its reputation on developing and operating luxury communities for senior adults and reinvigorating distressed properties into productive communities that provide a high quality of life for their members.

In the 1990’s Donald’s sons, Ben Thompson and Josh Thompson, began “working” in the family business, putting together packets, organizing files, sending mailers, and helping their dad in any way they could. During those early years, the brothers learned from their father and had the same values and principles instilled in them. In 2010, Ben, and 2012, Josh, the second generation of Thompsons officially joined the family business. Over the next decade they worked in all facets of the company, while being mentored by Donald and other senior leaders.

Today, Maxwell Group, Inc. is led by two generations of Thompsons, marrying wisdom and longevity with innovation and creativity, the family continues to build on a legacy of integrity, grit, and the golden rule. The Company prides itself on delivering services that are differentiated by an approach that emphasizes quality of life through wellness, dining, social activities, and care programs; and backs this up by having won 11 prestigious industry awards in the disciplines of wellness, safety, care, design, and human resources. Over 30 years later, Maxwell Group, Inc. is a privately held family business, carrying out the same vision and mission from when it started.

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